Our Team

Karla Medrano

Founder & CEO of SGM Medical Marketing

I am a wife, mom, nurse, and certified social media marketer. When COVID-19 hit, I reduced my hours at the bedside to stay at home with my son. In order to earn extra income, I started helping my friends with their social media pages, and as their businesses grew, I knew that I had a gift for helping entrepreneurs find their voice, perfect their message, and scale their businesses. Now, I want to focus on using those same skills to help health & wellness brands & healthcare entities grow on social, fight misinformation, and connect with their communities. And I am fluent in Spanish 🙂


I love to write! I am currently working on a comic book!

Syed Hussain Asghar

Digital Director

I am a graduate student of the National University of Sciences and Technology, NUST which is a top-ranked university in Pakistan. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and now working as a Digital Director at Short Gaze Media LLC. I am passionate and goal-oriented professional, having in-depth knowledge of modern tools & technologies. I believe in empowerment & team Work, I am highly adaptable, a fast learner & effective communicator.


I love reading and listening to music.

Maria “Angie” Ponce

Brand Manager

My name is Angie, born in Brooklyn, NY but raised in Baltimore, MD. My family is from Puebla, Mexico, and grew up in a big family. At a young age, I learned that our brain is so amazing and even though we aren’t using it to the fullest we can still dream, create and inspire amazing things!


I love to travel and photograph a bunch of stuff along the way!

Oray David

Social Media Marketer

I am a Corporate Communication Practitioner with a specialty in Marketing and Management Communication. I am a Certified Digital Marketer and also a brand and product manager. I find inspiration from Simon Sineks’ book ‘ FIND YOUR WHY’, once you know your WHY, you have a choice to take action that aligns with your purpose every day.


I love photography and fitness!

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